Banana Protein Pancakes with Protein Yogurt, Bananas & Summer Berries

Stack ’em up! Banana Protein Pancakes with Protein Yogurt, Bananas & Summer Berries ‘cos it’s Saturday & that’s just how I roll! The healthiest pancakes you can ever eat, took me a couple of batches to perfect my recipe but it was worth it, the macs on these are on fleek. I’m off to the gym to train have a great day x 4 Pancakes for 1 serving Macros for 4 cakes are 225cal P30 C17 F5 Smartpoints for 4 pancakes are 3sp (without fruit & yogurt garnish). Recipe makes 8 pancakes. Here’s the skinny:  Continue reading

Skinny Southern Fried Style Crispy Chicken Goujons

Succulent juicy chicken breast encased in a spicy crispy crunchy crumb just ripe for dunking into your favourite dipping sauce. Heavenly morsels of weekend goodness that deliver that take away feeling without any of the guilt, perfection! Serves 4 hungry people at 6 Smartpoints a serving (4 Smartpoints on the No Count Plan). These are ridiculously easy & quick to make and can be frozen raw to cook another time, how handy is that! Here’s the skinny:  Continue reading

Beautiful Poached Eggs with Cracked Black Pepper & Fresh Thyme on a Ciabatta Roll, a bed of Peppery Rocket & a side of Mushroom & Jammy Baby Piccolo Tomatoes

photo (6)Good Morning! And the Happiest of Saturdays to you! Breakfast was 2 slightly soft poached eggs with cracked black pepper & fresh thyme (I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to very runny eggs but I’m getting braver) on a bed of Fresh Peppery Rocket on top of half a lightly toasted Ciabatta roll with some beautiful fried Mushrooms & gorgeous fried Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes that went fabulously jammy in the pan. I love Weekends! What’s your fav weekend brekkie? This was 3 propoints for the half ciabatta on Filling & Healthy & you need to point the eggs too if propointing so approx 7pps