Delicious Skinny Banana & Milk Chocolate Baked Oat Muffins

Nothing beats the gorgeous smell of baking through the kitchen of a Saturday morning. Hot & fresh out of the oven Delicious Skinny Banana & Milk Chocolate Baked Oat Muffins. A delicious weekend treat at just 3 propoints a muffin (or 1pp on Filling & Healthy). This makes 6 breakfast muffins (20pp per recipe or 4pp per recipe F&H). I hope you have a Fabulous Saturday!

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Beautiful Silky Egg on a Bed of Wilted Spinach & Decadent Parma Ham in a Lightly Toasted Muffin

A perfect Sunday Brunch. Beautiful Silky Egg on a Bed of Wilted Spinach & Decadent Parma Ham in a Lightly Toasted Muffin 6 propoints. I hope you’re having a Wonderful Sunday x 💕👌👯

Silky Smooth Baked Tomato Egg Cup with Grilled Bacon and Toasted Wheat Muffin Soldiers

I’m off work for the midterm hurray! So expect lots of lovely recipe ideas coming your way. Breakfast this morning was a silky smooth baked tomato egg cup with grilled bacon and toasted wheat muffin soldiers delicious! This little lot was only 6 pro points. I hope you’re having a fabulous Friday.   
One large tomato

One medium egg

Two bacon medallions

One wheat toasting muffin

Salt and pepper

Fresh chives  

Preheat your oven to 180c. Cut the top off the tomato and scoop out all the inside flesh and seeds. Place on a small baking tray you may need to cut a small bit off the bottom to make it stand upright. Carefully crack an egg into the tomato and season with salt and black pepper. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes depending on how soft you like your egg keep an eye on it to make sure it’s cooked to your liking. Grill your bacon medallions on each side for 4 to 5 minutes and toast the muffin. Cut the muffin into soldiers and serve with the tomato garnished with some chopped fresh chives and bacon enjoy!  

Tortilla Baskets 

✨Life Hack 101✨ Have you been coveting everyone’s fancy Tortilla Baskets on your newsfeed but don’t have a Tortilla pan? Life is hard 😥 Well weep no more! You can make your very own crispy crunchy tasty Tortilla Basket using a basic muffin tin Yay!   Spray your wrap with sprayoil & place on an upturned muffin tin & bake in a preheated oven at 190c for approximately 6 minutes or until browning & crisp. Remove to cool for 5 to 10 minutes on a wire rack & Ta Da! Your very own fancy smancy Tortilla Basket to fill with Salad, Chilli or whatever takes your fancy! The world is your oyster now! Take that fancy Tortilla Tins! 


Skinny Eggs Benedict with Cheats Hollandaise Sauce

 My friend mentioned eggs benedict in conversation yesterday & while she was still talking all my brain was thinking was “eggs benedict, eggs benedict, eggs benedict” So of course I had to skinny it up & have some! You could use bacon if you want but I’m lazy & I had this wonderful new slow cooked fire grilled ham by Denny that is fantastically tasty & only 1pp a slice. Here’s how I did it:

1 Wholewheat Breakfast Muffin Toasted

1 Slice Denny Fire & Smoke Ham

1 Egg Poached for 2 minutes 

For the Cheats Hollandaise: Melt 2 Level Tsps Reduced Fat Butter for 20 secs in the microwave until melted. Add 2 Tbsps of Lighter than Light Mayo, 1/2 Tsp Dijon Mustard & Salt & Pepper stir very well, this will take a few minutes. 

Lay the ham on the muffin & top with the poached egg, slather on the cheats hollandaise & top with fresh black pepper & some fresh herbs if you happen to have any lying around. Voilà! Eggs Benefict for approx 8pps only 5 on F&H, Enjoy!