Succulent Chicken Fillet with Nutty Maasdam Dutch Cheese & Sweet Ramiro Red Pepper encased in Tender Prosciutto accompanied by Golden Roasted Baby Potatoes & Beneforte Broccoli

The Easiest Healthy One Pot Dish! I cannot begin to tell you how simple this was to make, the chicken stays incredibly moist & juicy due to being wrapped in the prosciutto & the sweetness of the pepper & creaminess of the cheese is just divine! It lifts a plain ordinary chicken dinner to a new level. It all goes in one casserole dish in the oven so minimal fuss or mess involved. I just lay the cheese & pepper on top of the chicken which also avoids all that faffing about trying to cut a pocket in the meat, it honestly couldn’t be easier! You could probably make this lower points again by using light buffalo mozarella sliced instead, which I originally intended but I didn’t have any in the fridge (the maasdam is 3 Smartpoints so adjust accordingly). All items were bought in Aldi. Mine was 10 Smartpoints (or 4 Smartpoints on No Count).

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Simple & Tasty Leftover Roast Turkey & Baked Ham Cheesy Pasta Bake

And the Annual Conundrum of what to do with all the Tasty Christmas Dinner leftovers begins! Usually there is more Turkey & Ham prepared than any one Household can eat. Well I decided to turn mine into a Gorgeous Filling & Tasty, Healthy Pasta Bake with Petit Pois & a Silky Cheese Sauce for just 12 propoints a serving. This will serve 4 hungry people. I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas Day

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Beautiful Silky Egg on a Bed of Wilted Spinach & Decadent Parma Ham in a Lightly Toasted Muffin

A perfect Sunday Brunch. Beautiful Silky Egg on a Bed of Wilted Spinach & Decadent Parma Ham in a Lightly Toasted Muffin 6 propoints. I hope you’re having a Wonderful Sunday x 💕👌👯

Skinny Eggs Benedict with Cheats Hollandaise Sauce

 My friend mentioned eggs benedict in conversation yesterday & while she was still talking all my brain was thinking was “eggs benedict, eggs benedict, eggs benedict” So of course I had to skinny it up & have some! You could use bacon if you want but I’m lazy & I had this wonderful new slow cooked fire grilled ham by Denny that is fantastically tasty & only 1pp a slice. Here’s how I did it:

1 Wholewheat Breakfast Muffin Toasted

1 Slice Denny Fire & Smoke Ham

1 Egg Poached for 2 minutes 

For the Cheats Hollandaise: Melt 2 Level Tsps Reduced Fat Butter for 20 secs in the microwave until melted. Add 2 Tbsps of Lighter than Light Mayo, 1/2 Tsp Dijon Mustard & Salt & Pepper stir very well, this will take a few minutes. 

Lay the ham on the muffin & top with the poached egg, slather on the cheats hollandaise & top with fresh black pepper & some fresh herbs if you happen to have any lying around. Voilà! Eggs Benefict for approx 8pps only 5 on F&H, Enjoy!