Feel the Fear and do it Anyway – My First Gym Day


So this just happened! For the first time in my entire life I have joined a gym! Here’s the chronology of events: I was extremely excited earlier in the week to book a holiday for next year. The initial elation and excitement was soon diluted with the various & usual qualms and niggles such as “Oh gosh how am I going to pay for said holiday” – ¬†“Ah it’ll be grand, it’ll be grand!” “Oh gosh I’m not great on long haul flights” – “Ah it’ll be grand, it’ll be grand!” “Oh gosh I’m always a little bit daunted by visiting large cities” “Ah it’ll be grand, it’ll be grand!” quickly followed by the dawning realisation that I would have to get into a swimsuit or bikini by the pool – cue internal screaming! “It won’t be grand, it won’t be grand!” A quick phone call to the local gym ensued and now here I find myself outside this morning with great trepidation and nerves¬†willing myself to open the door and actually go inside. Continue reading