Give me just a little more time – the exercise weight loss plateau 

For everyone struggling with the dreaded & cruel irony of a weight loss plateau due to increasing your exercise routine this is especially for you. It doesn’t seem fair does it? You’re sticking to plan & even more so you have made a really big change and upped your activity & exercise routine immensely. You’re filled with great expectations of all the weight you are going to drop through the hard work and time you have put in only to find one week (or two) that the scales just won’t budge at all, despite your hardest & most determined efforts. It seems in your memory it moved downwards with much greater ease when you made even less effort! Continue reading

Mince Madness! 

 All these prepacks of mince look the same right? Look closer. When you buy prepack it comes in different percentages of fat 5%, 10%, 15% & 20% and which one you choose can make a big difference points wise. This selection for comparison is from Aldi & they all weigh diffently for the whole packets so I have pointed them for you by 100g, by 400g (to get a better comparison with the amount a recipe might call for) & then by the whole packet weight per item. We are all on budgets so buy whichever one you can afford & a quick & easy tip for the higher fat ones make sure you drain any excess liquid out after browning the meat as this at least gets rid of some of the fat from the dish you’re preparing!