Mixed Berry & Greek Vanilla Yogurt Overnight Oats

Mixed Berry & Greek Vanilla Yogurt Overnight Oats I prepared these last noght all ready for this mornings Breakfast! These are a blast from the past, I haven’t had them in ages but I absolutely adore them so I can’t wait! I kinda forgot they existed for a while & I can’t understand why because It’s like eating dessert for brekkie! If you’re not keen on porridge try your oats this way, I guarantee you’ll love them. 
40g Oats layered with Frozen Berries & 200g 0% Fat Greek Yogurt flavoured with a teaspoon of sweetener & a couple of drops of vanilla extract (keep the oat layers thin enough so the yogurt can soak through) leave in the fridge overnight & enjoy a fabulous breakfast the next morning. 7 Smartpoints (free on No Count). You can use low fat natural yoghurt instead of Greek or any low fat fruit yoghurt either just adjust the Smartpoints accordingly, 40g oats is 4 Smartpoints & the yogurt would be 3 Smartpoints. You can experiment with different fruit combinations or add different flavours to taste.  

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