Succulent Chicken Fillet with Nutty Maasdam Dutch Cheese & Sweet Ramiro Red Pepper encased in Tender Prosciutto accompanied by Golden Roasted Baby Potatoes & Beneforte Broccoli

The Easiest Healthy One Pot Dish! I cannot begin to tell you how simple this was to make, the chicken stays incredibly moist & juicy due to being wrapped in the prosciutto & the sweetness of the pepper & creaminess of the cheese is just divine! It lifts a plain ordinary chicken dinner to a new level. It all goes in one casserole dish in the oven so minimal fuss or mess involved. I just lay the cheese & pepper on top of the chicken which also avoids all that faffing about trying to cut a pocket in the meat, it honestly couldn’t be easier! You could probably make this lower points again by using light buffalo mozarella sliced instead, which I originally intended but I didn’t have any in the fridge (the maasdam is 3 Smartpoints so adjust accordingly). All items were bought in Aldi. Mine was 10 Smartpoints (or 4 Smartpoints on No Count).

145g Chicken Fillet

1 Red Sweet Ramiro Pepper

1 Slice Maasdam Dutch Cheese

1 Slice Prosciutto Ham

200g Baby Potatoes

Beneforte Broccoli

Salt & Black Pepper


Preheat your oven to 200°C. Spray a casserole dish with spray oil and pop in the potatoes, spray them well with sprayoil & season with salt and black pepper, place in the oven for 15 minutes. Meanwhile lay a slice of prosciutto on your chopping board, take a large slice of the pepper and laid on top, fold the cheese slice in half lengthwise and lay this on top of the pepper, place your chicken on top and wrap the two ends of the prosciutto over the chicken to encase all the ingredients. When the potatoes have had 15 minutes cooking time place the chicken in the casserole dish beside them for five minutes. Chop your Broccoli into florettes and pop in the casserole dish beside the potatoes & broccoli & continue to cook everything for a further 20 minutes ensuring that the chicken is fully cooked through. And Voilà the easiest one pot chicken dinner is ready to enjoy!  

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