Alcoholic Drinks Propoints List

*repost from facebook blog, we most certainly aren’t having a mini heatwave anymore!*

This glorious mini heatwave has put to my mind that Summer, the sound of Lawnmowers, the smell of fresh cut grass, the jingle of ice cream trucks & the waft of BBQ smells are just around the corner! I can’t wait to start trying out some amazing BBQ Recipes for you guys! But what else comes to mind when you’re entertaining family & friends on long hot balmy midsummer nights? A tipple or two! So low & behold I have outlined all the propoints valued in this handy, at a glance visual guide. Important to remember that these are Irish pub measures for spirits, I believe the UK measures are smaller in some pubs at 25ml & 35ml being standard in others. Also contrary to popular belief a pint is not 500ml it’s 568ml so bear that in mind where quantities are stated in mls. Cheers to looking forward to Summer! 



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