Panfried Fillet of Whiting with a Pesto Genovese Couscous Salad

A light fish supper is a great thing to have the night before your weigh in to stay light on the scales. This is super quick & easy! This Serves 2 at approx 9pp each or 1pp on F&H for the pesto if you use wholewheat Couscous. 

 2 Medium Whiting Fillets

125g Couscous (dried weight about 400g cooked weight)

1 Tbsp Pesto Genovese (Green Pesto)

Juice of 1/2 a Lemon

1 Red Sweet Ramiro Red Pepper Diced 

4 Spring Onions Finely Sliced

About 8 Cherry Tomatoes halved

Fresh Basil Leaves

Sprinkle of Dried Parsley

Salt & Black Pepper

1 Chicken Stock Cube 

Pat your Fish with Kitchen Paper until dey on both sides. Preheat your frying pan & coat with sprayoil. Season the Fish with Salt & Black Pepper. Lay the Fish in the hot pan skinside down & press lightly with a spatula for a few seconds to avoid it curling up. Cook the Fish for about 4 minutes on the skin side & 2 minutes on the flipside or until cooked to your liking. Avoid flipping the fish more than once, just leave it to cook for the specified time before flipping to the other side. Meanwhile cook your Couscous as per packet instructions but add a stock cube to the boiling water to add more taste. Couscous literally takes 1 minute to cook it is the quickest ever! So handy! Place the cooked Couscous on a bowl & add all the chopped veg, pesto & lemon juice, season with salt & pepper & tear in the Basil Leaves. Divide between 2 Plates & lay your fish on the Salad, sprinkle with some dried Parsley & Serve with a Slice of Lemon for Squeezing over. Enjoy! 


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