Pot Luck Pasta


My favourite food ever is pasta or anything remotely pasta related. I love making this quick & light lunch I’ve been making it for years. I call it Pot Luck Pasta because it really is Pot Luck whatever is in the house goes into it so it’s different each time. The sauce always stays the same though. Todays is meatfree but I love chopped up bacon medallions in this or some leftover roast chicken, feta or parmesan on top too, just remember to point them, cherry tomatoes halved are fab but I didn’t have any today (add then right at the end so they don’t break up) use whatever fresh herbs you like, I just love basil. Here’s todays offering:

1/2 Red Onion diced

1/2 Sweet Red Ramiro Pepper Sliced

A good chunk of Courgette diced

1 Tbsp Sweetcorn 

Salt & Black Pepper

Fresh Basil Leaves

2 Teaspoons Red Pesto (you can also use green)

1 Large Heaped Tbsp Philadelphia Extra Light Cream Cheese

220g Portion of Cooked Pasta


Cook the Pasta according to packet instructions in boiling salted water (tip don’t add salt until water is already boiling or it will take longer to boil) Meanwhile fry your prepared veg in a saucepan with sprayoil to soften about 5/8 mins. If you have soft veg like cherry tomatoes or sweetcorn don’t add them till the other veg is already soft or they’ll break up too much. Add the Pesto & Cream Cheese to the pot with the veg & add a few Tbsps of the Pasta Cooking Water & Stir well until Cream Cheese has melted down into a sauce. Season Well with Salt & Black Pepper & Add your torn Basil Leaves. Drain your cooked Pasta, weigh out 220g serving & add to the sauce. Stir well & serve immediately. Enjoy! This one is approx 8pps or 1pp on F&H if made with Wholewheat Pasta.


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