Beautiful Poached Eggs with Cracked Black Pepper & Fresh Thyme on a Ciabatta Roll, a bed of Peppery Rocket & a side of Mushroom & Jammy Baby Piccolo Tomatoes

photo (6)Good Morning! And the Happiest of Saturdays to you! Breakfast was 2 slightly soft poached eggs with cracked black pepper & fresh thyme (I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to very runny eggs but I’m getting braver) on a bed of Fresh Peppery Rocket on top of half a lightly toasted Ciabatta roll with some beautiful fried Mushrooms & gorgeous fried Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes that went fabulously jammy in the pan. I love Weekends! What’s your fav weekend brekkie? This was 3 propoints for the half ciabatta on Filling & Healthy & you need to point the eggs too if propointing so approx 7pps

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